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De Tavenu
march 19, 2022
Waalwijk, the netherlands

state of ease


‘State Of Ease’. Een gevoel van voldoening, gemoedsrust en vrede. Onverwachte geluksmomenten. Onvoorspelbaar. Plotseling zijn ze er ineens.

Bijvoorbeeld als we onze instrumenten oppakken en een goede jamsessie starten, wanneer iemand een gaaf idee heeft voor een nieuw nummer of als we het publiek horen juichen tijdens een optreden en zien dat onze energie door hen wordt overgenomen. Muziek maken geeft ons energie en dat willen we overbrengen met deze EP.

Music: Bram Brandts, Chiel van Son, Johan Brandts, Nikki Henskens
Lyrics: Nikki Henskens
Recording & mixing: Juan van Emmerloot (Thin Lizzy, Snowy White)
Mastering: Emile Bode



Vince Morgana, rapper BMB Yezus and Nikki wrote a reggaeton-tinged dance single called "Riddim", released in August 2021.

Riding over an easy, laid-back, Latin-pop beat, "Riddim" is reminiscent of summer, festivals and romance.
A refreshing, bouncy track is born - ready to be danced to!

Music & lyrics: Vince Morgana & BMB Yezus & Nikki Henskens
Recording & mixing: Vince Morgana & Nikki Henskens
Mastering: James Castelijn

“I feel often reluctant to enter new partnerships. Composing music always felt like a personal thing, but with Nikki I felt confident in writing something incredibly valuable." - Wuoter



Over the last years musicians have taught themselves to become more and more self-reliant. Expensive studios are no longer necessary, especially not during COVID-19.

‘Saviour’ is an electronic song with a striking amount of acoustic influences. Think aggressive drums, deep bass lines and breathtaking vocals. The constant building and releasing of energy in the arrangement symbolizes the chaotic sea of thoughts and emotions on which the text is based. The absence of autotune processing the vocals makes the lyrics a more personal, intimate experience. “We would describe the song as raw and impressive, as well as mysterious and vulnerable. Some people say they’d definitely dance to it at some late night indie music festival, while others claim it to be qualified as the soundtrack for a new John Wick’s movie.”

Music: Wouter van Ooijen
Lyrics: Nikki Henskens
Recording & mixing: Wouter van Ooijen & Nikki Henskens
Mastering: Wouter van Ooijen

Sticky bar


Nikki's newest single ‘Sticky Bar’ tells a story about a personal experience as a bartender/waitress at her favorite local brewery café. The place and people she met gave her a large dose of good energy and made her write this song. It's another classic Nikki-song with peaceful acoustic guitar and some rusty telecaster tunes adding the finishing touches to it. One to complete your 'easy acoustic' or 'romantic vibes' playlist with.

Music & lyrics: Nikki Henskens
Recording & mixing: Nikki Henskens
Mastering: Tim Biesta

time's long forgotten


‘Time’s Long Forgotten’ (February, 2021) breaks the spell of innocence and covers themes about time, existence and death. The rhodes-ish piano sound and misty synth gently pull you into a dreamlike environment. While her soft vocals welcome any thoughts or theories about our existence here on Earth, the song ends up being a reminder to seize the day, which is an overarching theme in many of her songs.

Music & lyrics: Nikki Henskens
Recording & mixing: Nikki Henskens
Mastering: Tim Biesta

balcony baby


In the dreamy coloured debut EP ‘Balcony Baby’, Nikki manages to subtly add a melancholic, dark edge to serene, easy-going songs. This, in combination with intriguing chord progressions on the guitar, warm vocals and fine lyrics, makes it an intersting artwork to listen to.

Music & lyrics: Nikki Henskens
Recording & post-production: Sinewave Recordings

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